A futuristic winter romance set in Northern Germany.

The year is 2151. It’s been several generations since the Governments introduced genetic enhancements into society, and the shockwaves are still being felt. They were intended to eradicate disease, but in fact the mutated SRY gene soon sent the female birth rate into a steep decline. Within a generation drastic actions were required by governments globally to preserve the future of the human race. Fertilisation Centres were the solution, where women now live and are kept perpetually artificially inseminated and rangers patrol the country searching for escapees.

Before the shockwaves began, many communities rebelled, particularly naturalists who rejected the technology and Government interference with human nature. Many of these communities found faith and strength in paganism, choosing to live the 'drifter' life, living off of the land in isolation from main society.

Bethany grew up as a drifter. Defensive and a survivor to the core, she finds herself alone after the rangers destroy her village and take her sister, embarking on a treacherous journey to locate the Fertilisation Centre where her sister is being held. She struggles to remain inconspicuous and when she is captured and injured, she falls into the hands of a German ranger called Stefan.

Stefan knows he should hand Bethany over to the system, but instead takes her to his home and nurses her back to health. Bethany fears that she would be valuable in the illegal trafficking of unregistered and fertile Pagan women, so remains silent and defensive, rejecting Stefan's help and protection. What will happen when the state finds out what Stefan has done and will Bethany ever find her sister? 

Sparks fly as Stefan and Bethany learn how to interact with each other in an enemies to lovers romance that will keep readers gripped from page one.

Shockwaves is a story that explores the romance between Stefan and Bethany, star-crossed lovers who can’t be accepted into either community, but it also highlights the social ramifications of segregated societies where nature is no longer able to run its course.

Inspiration & Favourite Scene

My inspiration came from the classic romantic role model of a strong lovable alpha who has a desire to protect a vulnerable but resourceful heroine. In order for the scenario to be relatable to readers, my characters live in a futuristic world of fundamental cultural differences which do not conform to current day society as the reader would know it. This opened up a wealth of possibilities with regards to the impacts living in segregated male versus female communities could have on society.

My main character has grown up outside of ‘the system’ and has been raised as a neopagan in a homestead more suited to an eighteenth-century way of life with limited access to technology or formal education. The experience of her encountering twenty-second century technology therefore is easier for my readers to identify with and allows my alpha the opportunity to care for her. Being more in touch with her spirituality and humanity allows my heroine’s values to contrast well with the apparent lack thereof demonstrated by those in authority, who exploit their advantages under the guise of the world health fertilisation initiatives.

Trust is always a focus in my writing, and the authorities play a key role in challenging my two main characters values and their fight to initiate change.

My favourite scenes are at the beginning of the novel, when Stefan and Bethany first meet and start to interact, both experiencing insecurities with the relationship but beginning to lay the foundations of trust and respect for one another which is key for the rest of the book.

My heartfelt thanks for your time and interest and I wish you happy reading.

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