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(Title likely to change)

A futuristic enemies to lovers romance.

Set many years in the future, technology now controls everything, society is run with efficiency and precision. Many naturalist communities however reject the technology and rebel against authorities, finding faith in paganism and choosing to live off the grid and attacking the technologies of the modern world.

When his parents are killed in a hovercraft crash near an isolated naturalists village, teenager Stefan is taken to live with Bethany and her aunt. Tensions fly as the co-habiting teens walk the line between attraction, friends and enemies until Stefan leaves the village following an argument.

Several years later and against the orders of her community, Bethany embarks on a mission to find the antidote in the modern world to save her ailing aunt and find a new life for herself. When her community leaders catch up with her and she's injured, she falls into the hands of a technology ranger, the most feared enemy of the naturalists. He is a highly trained soldier, ruthless and set on the demise of the naturalist communities who are terrorising the modern world.

The ranger is Stefan. He knows he should hand Bethany over to the authorities, but instead takes her to his home and nurses her back to health. Sparks fly as they discover their temperaments have cooled just as little as their attraction. 

Always a a loner, Bethany is defensive and willful.  Having been kept from returning to his home for years, Stefan is resentful and bossy. Can Beth trust this frightening and cold hearted ranger to be able to help her aunt?

Will Stefan turn his back on his own kind in order to win Beth?

This is a dark romantic suspense with themes of violence and fear that will keep readers gripped from page one. The intimacy scenes between the characters are consensual.

My heartfelt thanks for your time and interest and I wish you happy reading.


On sale 2021

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