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The Falling For You Series


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Part One:

Ella (Heroine's Perspective)

A First Love Summer Romance

Full Of Intrigue, Lust & Lies

Faith in Him.jpg

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Part Two:

Adam (Hero's Perspective)


When Loving Her Is Dangerous, Will Leaving Her Be Worse?

believe in me

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Part Three:

Ella (Heroine's Perspective)

A Modern Romance Which Captivates, Shocks & Delights

Coming Soon

An Enemies To Lovers

Futuristic Romance 

About Julia

For Julia writing is a passionate love affair (pun intended!) that is as addictive as she hopes her characters are to her readers. Julia has always loved immersing herself in page-turners you simply can’t put down; whether it’s the sexy billionaire, the rock god with an attitude or the strong heroine who’s out of her depth, Julia has likely read them and loved every word. It’s Julia’s intention therefore that her own novels always offer readers spice, intrigue and easy-reading excitement and really hopes that you feel the same way. Her debut novel delivers on all of these points and will be on sale in spring 2020. For a free taster, why not try before you buy by subscribing to her mailing list to receive the first three chapters free.

Whether it’s bodyguards or vampires, Julia believes there’s romance everywhere and what fun would life be if you didn’t get to unwind and read about all these wonderful characters from time to time? Julia is therefore thrilled to bring you her blog of book reviews and recommendations of some of her personal favourites. So drop her a line at hello@juliafirlotteauthor.com and let her know what you’re looking for, she’d love to hear from you and will likely already have some suggestions lined up for you.


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