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Faith in Him

Part Two in the Falling for You series.

Adam's deepest wounds are abandonment and betrayal.


He's spent years searching for that special someone who can fill his desolate world with love and trust. He thought he'd found her once, but instead got dragged into a dangerous criminal underworld that tore his wounds wide open and left him broken.

But like he falls in love, Adam fights back hard and fast against the darkness that surrounds him. Fidelity, bravery, and integrity become his values, and he's sticking to them. That is until he meets Ella, the tender-hearted soul mate he's yearned for.

Now suddenly there's more at risk than just himself.

Adam's an all or nothing kind of guy. How far will he go to keep Ella safe? And will Ella have enough faith in him to love him anyway? 

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Inspiration & Favourite Scene

I've loved writing Adam's story. So many questions were left open ended at the end of Trust In You, I needed a whole book to be able to explain what was happening!

It's been great fun exploring Adam's character in more depth and meeting lots of new characters in Rita, Juan (El Jefe), Emmanuel, Carlos, Stephen, Laurie and aunt Clarissa. 

Rita is such a vixen in contrast to Ella, so I think I enjoyed writing some of her scenes the most, but the Tornado scene was also great fun.

Writing from an American's perspective was a challenge too, but one I've loved and I'd like to thank all of my American friends who have helped me. 

Faith In Him adds background to what the reader knows so far about Adam from Trust In You, but also takes the story forward so that Believe In Me can kick off with fireworks. I am so very excited about writing this story for you and I would like to thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Please help me spread the word on social media so I can continue to write for you and I wish you happy reading.

Character Spotlight: Adam Brook's Tattoo


Map Of Novel Locations

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