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Believe in Me

Part Three in the Falling for You series.

A modern romance which captivates, shocks and delights.

When circumstances force Ella Peterson’s life in unforeseen directions, she finds herself living at the DB Produce plant and trapped in a relationship with a man she doesn’t want, while relying heavily on the man she does.

Ella’s desire to support herself is pushed to the limit as she struggles to make ends meet. She soon discovers that Adam was right all along, Dan is not to be trusted. But then, Adam Brook isn’t what he led her to believe either. Not at all.


Caught in a tangled web of coercion, deception and desire, Ella is compelled to stay with Dan, not to supply the information he wants from her, but because if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to help the man she loves.

Once Adam finds out that Ella is carrying his baby, though, all bets are off. But how will Dan take the news that Ella is stronger than he thought? 

Suddenly the tables turn and it’s Adam that needs to rely on Ella.


This is the second book in the Falling for You series.

Inspiration & Favourite Scene

Believe in Me is part three in the series Falling for You. The book was inspired by many deleted scenes from Trust in You where I wanted the male lead Adam to be charismatic and deeply appealing to readers, while offering an air of mystery.

Trust plays a key role in all of my novels and the abuse of Ella’s trust which we see in Believe in Me did not fit well in the character of Adam, so I further developed Dan’s character to make him a more integral part of the story, delivering a complex character readers can love to hate.

My favourite scene is when Ella discovers Dan’s true character and finds strength within herself to fight for what she wants.

My greatest wish is that the book offers you an enjoyable read in a moment of relaxation and if you have any comments, I’d love to hear from you on my contacts page.

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On sale late 2022

Character Spotlight: An Interview With Dan Monks 

(coming soon)

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