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An Excerpt from Faith In Him

Well, with Faith In Him just around the corner, I wanted to give readers a sneak peak into their TWO favourite bad boys.

It's not just Adam we get to learn more about in Faith In Him, it's Dan too. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you read the book, please do leave reviews, it means the world to me!

As I pull my truck away from the curb I decide to confront the man beside me, who’s looking at me with an annoying smirk on his face.
“What the fuck was that, man? You made the girl feel like a piece of day-old meat,” I accuse him.
“What the fuck was what? You were the one drooling over her hot pants! I only paid the girl the same compliment you did and asked her out. And next time, don’t be telling me to back-off,” he challenges, the annoying hint of amusement lingering in his expression. “You like her or what?” I can feel him studying my face so I keep my eyes focused on the road, schooling my expression to give nothing away.
“You’re just looking for a fast lay! ‘Get a little’ you said earlier. Some ‘brunette sweetness’, remember? You still want your wife back!” I retort, distraction being my line of defense.
He laughs and I know he’s on to me. He can tell I like her and isn’t fooled for a minute. Prick.
“I wasn’t necessarily talking about her, even if she was the one on your mind. And Helen’s my estranged wife. And anyway, Ella’s cute; might be nice to have someone to visit with of an evening instead of just your ugly mug.”
I snort at that.
“Well no one told you to keep drinking my beer, jackass,” I mutter.
“And you’re not going to either!” he responds, grinning from ear to ear and punching me lightly in the bicep. I shake out my arm.
“Probably not, but you’re still a jackass!” I concede. “And telling her she had a cute backside! That was your line man? What the fuck did you say to your wife when you met her? ‘How’s about it, darlin’?’ I thought Southerners were supposed to ooze charm!”
He pulls out a packet of chewing gum that’s supposed to be helping him quit smoking and pops one into his mouth.
“I asked her if she liked it doggy-style,” he says. I glance at him; he’s keeping a straight face.
“You didn’t! For real? What’d she say?”
“Yeah, for real. I met her at my cousin’s wedding reception. She was making punch and I walked right up to her, told her she was beautiful, and then asked her.”
“Well it must have worked, because she married you!” Well, what he lacked in courtesy he made up for in balls.
“She did.” He nods and answers too solemnly for me to take him completely seriously.
“So, what did she say?” I ask again.
“I don’t remember.” He grins, exaggerating the way he’s chewing his gum.
“Bullshit you don’t!” I call him on it.
“Seriously. I don’t! Her father punched me before she could answer. How was I supposed to know he was stood right next to her? She felt sorry for me and helped fix my nose with some ice. It’s how we got to talking.”
A belly-deep rumble of laughter rips from me. He joins in, and we’re still laughing as I pull through the security gates at DB Produce.
“You really are a jerk sometimes, you know,” I tell him when the laughter dies down.
“Yeah, I know,” he says cock-sure of himself and acting like I’d given him a compliment not an insult.
I shake my head at his arrogance, but I can’t get rid of the grin on my face.
I’ve got a lot of decent guys working at the farm, but I don’t usually have much in common with them. Whether Dan is decent or not, at least we can relate.
We’re from a different world than the rest of them.


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