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Top Ten Romance Novels

Recommended Romantic Reads - My Top Ten

If you are like me, you may sometimes feel that once you’ve fallen in love with some characters, you just don’t want their story to end and when it does, you’re left disappointed. Almost like a hole has been ripped through your centre and left you wondering what to do with yourself.

Well fear not! I’m here to wage war against those dull days and recommend you my top ten romance series which will be sure to keep those kindle screens glowing long after lights out.

1. Dirty by Jaine Diamond

Scorching hot rockstars with hearts. You’ll want to read them all on repeat (I even have the audio books on in the car!)

2. Crossfire series by Sylvia Day

Billionaire troubled lovers with pasts. It’ll make you melt! (And you MUST check out the song Golden by Six Ninths -available on iTunes!)

3. Fifty Shades by EL James

Does this one even need an introduction? Virgin heroine and troubled billionaire fall in love and experiment in a sex dungeon. Very steamy!

4. The Arrangement by HM Ward

Struggling student meets charismatic stranger and fate plays a hand when she becomes employed as his escort. Great humour and anticipation, although the novels are annoyingly a little too short.

5. Beautiful Disaster by Jaimie Mcguire

Seemingly innocent student with hidden past and the Uni bad boy end up living together as a bet. Lovely chemistry and angst.

6. Deep series by Jaine Diamond

You’ll get your fingers burnt with this one, I promise. Many squirming moments! Set in a futuristic world in outer space.

7. Forbidden Desires by Kendall Ryan

About the Kingsley brothers who run an escort agency. Soooo addictive. Lovely characters.

8. Flynn and Laurel series by Cara Mckenna

I love that Mckenna pushes the normal conventions. About a boxer with a yearning for rough role-play but a big heart to match.

9. Sinful Serenade by Crystal Kaswell

A fabulous series about friends with benefits. Warning! Contains hot rock starts and buckets full of anticipation.

10. Damaged by HM Ward.

I don’t usually go for the forbidden romance trope of student / teacher relations, but this series was worth the risk.

Oh and just in case a non-romance reader is looking at this list (grrr, boo, hiss!), other non-romance series which I absolutely loved and therefore must be mentioned are the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris (on which the True Blood series was based) and also the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Both with strong elements of romance throughout.

Well, I think that’s enough reading for you to be getting on with for now! Drop me a line on my email address at or via my social media accounts and let me know what you thought of any of these.

Happy reading and bye for now!


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