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Is The Paperback Dead?

I've always loved books, you know, real ones. Perhaps some of you might remember those? For me seeing a bookcase full of (often dog eared and well loved) paperbacks gives me a sense of joy, remembering the many happy hours I've spent reading them. My books are like old friends. Why then, do I read most of my novels these days on kindle? Well, put simply, when I see a blurb which catches by attention I'm impatient to start reading it, so the first reason is speed, followed by cost.

I was surprised however, when of over sixty ladies who expressed an interest to review my novel Trust In You last year (all aged between thirty and fifty), nearly all of them said they'd prefer paperback. I was expecting the split to be more down the middle and was surprised, especially when the traditional publishers I've spoken to delay making paperbacks available for a full twelve months after new novels are first brought to market as ebooks.

In this sense, I can't help feel that print on demand self publishing has certain advantages for new authors trying to reach a wider readership, particularly when hosting launch events. My small but accurate findings simply demonstrate to me that if I want to reach readers, my books have to be available in the format they want to read them in. Even the more dedicated readers, such as of the thirty-seven book bloggers in my recent launch tour, a large number also specified they would prefer paperbacks when given the option.

It would be interesting to hear your views, do get in touch on social media. Do you prefer paperbacks or ebooks?

In any case, however you do it, carry on reading and most of all, enjoy!


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