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Shockwaves - Sneaky Peeks (pre-edit)

Well, if you're a member of my Romance Chit Chat facebook group, you'll have seen that I recently finished the first draft of my futuristic enemies to lovers novel, Shockwaves. It's currently with beta readers, but as I promised some exclusive updates, here are some sneaky peeks.

The current planned launch date is September, but I'll announce the date officially in a few months after the editing stage.

Do you really think you’re going to intimidate me by glaring at me? In fact, you’re rather charming when you’re stropping, so save yourself the effort and just tell me the truth.’

She blinks at me, drawing her head back slightly and arching an I’m not impressed eyebrow, her eyes hardening as always but a tremble to her lower lip betraying her. ‘And I’m not someone to be considered a threat, because what? I’m a girl and not an alien on a space station? That doesn’t mean I’m not even worth considering or more importantly that you can push me around you know! Oh my goodness, you’re such a sexist pig!’

At that, I throw my head back and laugh. Loudly. It’s not tactful, I know, but I just can’t help myself, for once my control well and truly slipping.

‘Christ you’re cute! And frankly, yeah, I don’t see you as a threat! You’re like eight stone and pretty as fuck! Or are you hoping I’ll need to disarm the threat you pose, Katie? Because seriously, I’m up for that if you are.’ I know I shouldn’t add that last part, it’ll get her back up, but seriously, it’s fun to watch and I don’t try to hide the grin on my face.

She nods quickly, but keeps her gaze diverted, clearly not ok at all. I ease off and wrap my arm around her shoulders, far more gently this time. She’s still shaking but doesn’t knock me back,… hmm or encourage me either. Well, looks like I’ve really fucked up this time. What did Chris say about people being sensitive? Does she want to talk? I tilt her chin so she has to look at me, but she keeps her expression as closed off as possible so I can’t see what she’s thinking.

‘Sorry, did I scare you?’ I ask, remembering not a few days ago she was assaulted. Fuck, I feel like an impulsive arsehole.

‘No,’ she bites back, a blatant lie. I hug her closer, trying to be tender and not having a clue if it’s the right thing to do or not. I feel her tense up against me, so put extra effort into being gentle.

‘I didn’t mean what I said. About the future. It’s just that your rejection stung. I’m always fucking alone, even with company. Aren’t you lonely little one?’ I beseech her to agree, my eyes darting over hers. She opens her mouth to answer but I cut her off, afraid that she’ll knock me back without even considering it. ‘I see you here, young and beautiful like in my fucking dreams, I don’t know your name even, but you’re full of sass and strength and I know I’m drawn to you, like I wouldn’t have believed possible. Can’t you see that? We’ve got a chance here, to be happy together! Don’t you want to give it a try?’ Or at least try and be friends?’ My heart is pounding so loud, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken like this to anyone in my life. Never so openly, laying my soul on the line. I just hope she doesn’t knee me where it hurts.

‘Yeah, I did think about that. And I think you want me to hold you as much as I do.’ He answers firmly.

‘Really! Have you finished? Can I go now?’ I snap, squirming in his arms more than a little. Stefan ignores me and continues to talk, his voice rumbling and confident.

‘And you’re too damned scared to admit it, aren’t you Beth? You hide behind these walls, shutting me out and firing off at me, anything than let me see how you really feel. Well it’s not working Beth, it’s never worked. That just intrigues me more. You can’t hide from me, you never could. You’re independent and stand up for yourself, even when the odds are far against you and my goodness, do I respect that about you! But as much as you try to hide that you’re scared and feeling vulnerable, I can still see you, the real you. And I tell you now, the girl I see is brave and fierce and beautiful. That girl just needs to face her fears by lowering those walls and opening herself up. If you don’t let me in, you’ll never move on. You’ll never overcome your fears and you’ll always be the victim and those bastards would have won. So take back control Beth, let me in, become the strong woman I know you are inside.’


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