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"I need an Adam in my life!"

Firstly, wow! My goodness, it’s been an exciting few months! After the initial design of my first two book covers and the launch of my website, I’ve been creating marketing photos, designing bookmarks, developing my social media platform and starting work on my media kit (which is coming soon!). I also recently got to hold my first paperback in my hands for the first time. Such a special moment! And if all that wasn’t enough, after distributing exclusive promotional copies of Trust In You to selected readers, I've been thrilled to hear how much people are enjoying the book. Frankly, I’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and feedback! So first and foremost, a huge thank you to all those who have already read the book and been so encouraging.

Also, yet more very exciting news, my first draft of Shockwaves is now finished and the book cover is in design stages now. It’s a very different novel from the Falling For You series (of which Trust In You is the first), so if you’re a member of my Romance Chit Chat group on Facebook, be sure to look out for sneaky peaks on the initial cover designs. I can’t wait to see them and share more about this novel in the coming weeks!

I’ll leave you now with some of the feedback I’ve received from Trust In You and a little reminder that if you can’t wait until the on sale date of April 6th 2020, you can download the first three chapters free right now by subscribing to my mailing list. Alternatively, if you’re interested in writing a review for me, please feel free to contact me on

Trust In You Feedback:

“I don’t want to put it down… It’s soooo good… I need an Adam in my life! …There was coercion, romance, lust and actually a great story behind it all which kept you wanting to know more.” J.Payne

“I absolutely loved it! I could not stop reading and I certainly can’t wait for the next one.” C.Villegas-Velez

“I’ve just finished your book. Wow just wow loved every moment and can’t wait for the next one… Thanks so much for the book I will definitely be reading over and over.” G. Woodjetts

“Your book is so good. I’m meant to be doing things this morning but I’m probably going to be late as I’m hooked! [It was] fantastic! Can’t wait for the sequel.” A.Zwinkels

“I am halfway through this book and loving it! It could so be made into a film… can’t wait for the follow up book.” J .Elliott

“I LOVED the bathroom scene! …couldn’t put it down! It’s great!” J. Loversidge-Saagi

“It’s good! Definitely a page turner! In my head I had Mills and Boon type thing but the plot and characters are much more in-depth. Lots of twists and turns in it… I loved the song…. It’s fab Julia.” N.De Silva


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