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Exciting News: Trust In You Release Dates

I'm so excited to share with you that today I received my first printed copy of my debut novel Trust In You, from the Falling For You Series.

After starting this novel in March 2018, and finishing it earlier this year, this is an exciting moment for me and I've been waiting many months to be able to share some more details with you (along with some answers to questions many people have been asking me). So here goes...

For retail customers, it will be available for pre-order on Amazon from February 14th 2020, with sales going live on April 6th 2020.

Retailing at £1.99 for ebooks and £5.99 for paperback in the UK (may be subject to change).

Yes, I know, I know, why am I waiting so long to release it? Well, you know, it's a new venture and marketing and all that... Oh, and did I mention it's a summer novel? Might not fit in too well in the UK Christmas market which is where I'm based.

Trust in You will be available for wholesale via Ingram Sparks.

ISBN 978-1-9161670-0-1 Trust in You Ebook

ISBN 978-1-9161670-1-8 Trust in You Paperback

In the mean time though, I'm keen to share with you some teasers of not just this novel and it's sequel Believe In Me, but also the novel I'm close to finishing my first draft on, (currently) titled Shockwaves, which is a very different vibe and I'm already getting great feedback on, so please do keep checking out my blog for regular updates in the coming months. And don't forget (as I know you might!), you can receive the first three chapters free, right here and now, by simply subscribing to my mailing list as a try before you buy. So check it out if you love first love romances full of intrigue, angst and chemistry.

Oh, and if you are keen to review it or perhaps an independent retailer looking to stock it, please do contact me on or join my Facebook page Julia Firlotte Author, I'd love to hear from you and equally happy to support other authors.

Hasta luego chicos...

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