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Author Interview: Jenna Miller

I'm so excited to introduce to you Jenna Miller, rising star of contemporary romance who released her debut novel in December 2020.

So to start, lets get to know Jenna better with a short interview.

1. Which of your characters remind you most of yourself? Some days I'm June from Away From His Shadow, but most days I'm more like Sam. She's fun and spunky; and she has no filter. On my serious days, that's when I'm June.

2. What drove you to write the first book / What motivated you? During the global pandemic, my family made a massive lifestyle change. We bought an RV and started traveling to over the continental U.S. I had time and was feeling super creative, so I started writing. A few pages turned into a few chapters. Before I knew it, my first RV nonfiction was created and my novel was off to my first editor. Everything was a new challenge and a big learning process. I love the adventure that producing a good book entails.

3. Are you a planner or a pantser? I started as a pantser, but I've learned that when I plot, my word count grows faster.

4. Do you have any quirky writing habits? (Unusual places you write, times of the night, lucky cup of tea...) Most of my writing and editing happens while my kids are playing in the pool. I'll never admit that my best work often comes to me way too late at night after a few cocktails.

5. What are you most excited about for your next release? What’s it called, when’s it out? I cannot wait for Love In The Dumpster Fire. It is a Rom-Com anthology that I organized. It was such a fun project, and every story is hilarious! We took the most absurd headlines from 2020 and 2021 and creatively retold the story as a romantic comedy.

6. Which authors do you read most commonly and who do you think is most similar to your own style of writing? I love to read Patricia Eddy, K. G. Reuss, Odette Stone. My work is a sweeter version of Ilsa Madden-Mills without the complexity of a million different characters.

7. What was easier / harder than you’d expected on the path to self publishing? Ugh! Formatting is a billion times more challenging than I thought it would be. I have found an excellent formatter that I hope will relieve part of that stress. I also didn't realize the influence graphic design has on writing. Just being a good writer isn't enough for Indie publishers. You have to be well versed in the design process as well, or be willing to invest in professional graphic designers.

8. Tell us about the sub-genre you write and why this appeals to you most? I write contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and I have two shifter romances (PNR) on the way.

9. Are your stories sweet or saucy? I started super sweet, but as I grow more comfortable sharing my work with the world, I've added more steam.

10. What’s the best thing about being an author? The challenge! The creative freedom! I love every drop of what I do!!!

11. What other sub-genres appeal to you to write at a future date?

More PNR.

12. Tell us a bit about you, where do you live and do you let your loved ones read your books?

I travel full-time in an RV. We do still have our home in North Carolina, but most days we're out seeking adventure. My family loves to read my work. My sister is one of my best alpha readers. My Aunt is another huge supporter of my work. My hubby is incredibly supportive, but chooses not to read my work. He prefers to read nonfiction self-help or documentaries. Lol!!!

Thank you. That was so much fun!!!!

Jenna's Debut novel was the first in her Shadows of Life series.

Away From His Shadow.

The Blurb:

She hates him.

He’s madly in love with her.

Will love triumph over pain from the past?

The familiarity of his baby blues is enough to leave June frozen in time indefinitely. Too bad he’s the moron that left her in ruins.

The shattered pieces of her world are finally finding realignment. She worked through years of heartbreak and grief to attend her dream university.

She's a beautiful light to the world, and Caleb's a quickly thrown together disaster waiting to happen, or so she thinks...

When their paths collide again, will he destroy everything she's worked to rebuild, or, will true love conquer all?

Full of emotional ups and downs, June and Caleb will have you laughing, crying and hoping for a love that will last for centuries.

Don’t miss this sweet story!

I was thrilled to be able to read Away From His Shadow earlier in the year and rated it 5 stars:

These were beautifully crafted characters with a heart wrenching story to tell.

I loved the chemistry between the two and felt pulled into their lives and dramas like I was in the room.

It’s a clean romance, refreshing and sweet.

It was endearing to see them get their HEA.

Contains strong triggers for bereavement of a brother.

Book two in the Shadows of Life series is Swept Away Shadows and will be released later this summer.

The Blurb:

It all started with sex on the beach.

Tragedy after tragedy, Rory can't seem to catch a break.

“I never thought a summer of love would leave me with so much fear and regret.”

It was time to face the shadows and share her mistakes with the people she loved.

Her family abandoned her, her best friend hated her, and the love of her life was gone.

Will Rory find light at the end of the tunnel?

If you'd like to learn more about Jenna's writing or purchase her books, visit her Amazon author's page here.

Thanks so much Jenna for taking the time to talk to us today and good luck with your release.


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