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Interview with M. L. Tompsett

Thanks first and foremost to M. L. Tompsett for taking some time away from the pages to appear on my blog.

M. L. Tompsett

A bit about yourself?

My author’s name is M. L. Tompsett. I am an indie author, and I live in Australia with my husband.

Do you write in the same genre or are you a multi-genre author?

I write paranormal fantasy romance, Urban Fantasy, and also Contemporary Romance—which is for readers 18 years and older.

The books include Dark Ones which are a variety of vampire—they are born, not turned. Other characters include shifters, witches, and also turned vampires. Billionaire playboy, looking for love.

Do you have any more books coming out this year?

I have a few books hopefully coming out this year.

A shifter PNR–Urban Fantasy. Also, the last book in my five book series, and two contemporary romances. Which one of them has a little paranormal thrown in.

When did you publish your first book?

I first published my first eBook back in 2016, an eBook first before releasing a print book via CreateSpace, which can be found on Amazon and all good print book online stores.

What made you choose to be an indie author?

I did not want to try going via a publisher, so instead. I learnt as much as I could. I enrolled in different courses to do with writing and eBooks.

As I have always enjoyed my old art lessons and different computer software—and also two extremely talented adult sons, they assisted me with designing my book covers. Talk about - from being the parent teacher to reversal rolls of the children teaching the parent. It has been a big learning curve.

Any marketing, writing, publishing tips for newly published authors?

It is best to have computer knowledge behind you, and if you design your own covers, a good pile of stock pictures with good editing software. I still create my own book covers and other merchandise.

If you’re thinking of turning your scribbles, notes, or old manuscript into a book, don’t pass up the chance to publish something for yourself. Allow no one to say you are not good enough at something you enjoy doing. You only live once, so take the steps, and proceed. Becoming an indie author is a small step into the big wide scary world of publishing. Never Give Up. Keep going.

But remember, becoming a published author is not about what money you might earn, it is about creating worlds and characters you enjoy writing about and hopefully so will your audience of readers. Realistically, authors make little money, unless you happen to hit the jackpot and your book becomes well known for all the right reasons - being in the right place at the right time and become the next international best seller. Otherwise, a lot more hard work with patients in marketing and advertising. You will find in the writing industry you are always learning something new. And try to update your skills when you can.

I run into people at the strangest times and encourage them about their writing or assist where I can. Sometimes you go somewhere to discuss my books and I end up discussing ways to improve and help other up-and-coming authors and remind them—never give up.

Tell us about your books? What genres?

How I had originally started.

When I had heard the song STAY from Shakespear’s Sister many, many years ago, my brain started imagining characters and places, but especially Alexia and Drake. First, the book was one big long book and extremely erotic. I think at the time I needed to write and express myself until I got it all out of my system. In the end, I split the book into two and rewrote them.

I knew I had done the right thing by separating the book in two.

My first baby book had been born—The Guy Next Door. And the beginnings of my first book series—Sex, Lies, and Family Secrets. A world of paranormal and fantasy.

How many books have you published?

So far, four books are published in my first series, (they are also in a box set). The fifth book is not far away from hitting the digital shelves and seeing the light of day in the published sector.

  • The Guy Next Door

  • Dark Surprises

  • You Never Know

  • It’s You

And soon to be released

  • What You Know (Book 5)

Urban Fantasy

  • Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust

And soon to be released

  • Kept in the Dark of Lies and Deceit (Book 2)

Contemporary Romance

  • Insta Bride

And soon to be released

  • The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage

There are a couple of other paranormal books itching to be completed, so my brain becomes conflicted at times. Especially when I have several other contemporary books wanting to be written first.

So all up, I have six books published, as well as one box set, and another three waiting to be released.

Do you listen to music when you write or do you have to have complete silence?

Depending on the day and book, sometimes I prefer the quiet, but mostly I enjoy listening to ‘80’s and 90’s music in the background. It helps set the mood.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?

When I am not working on a book or creating covers or merchandise, you will either find me lost in amongst the pages of another book or swamped in the world of social media with a cuppa in my hand.

My other occupation is a digital book formatter.

You can find me busy behind my computer turning my talented clients’ manuscripts into the digital files of ebooks and print books.

You can find my books at all good eBook stores and online print book shops.

If you'd like to learn more about M. L. Thompsett's novels, here's a little bit more info on Insta Bride:

Title: Insta Bride. Genre: Heated contemporary romance (for mature readers)

Author: M. L. Tompsett

The Blurb: CEO, president, and owner of Jamés Advertising, Missy Jamés, has worked hard to become successful. After her last failed relationship with a money-hungry cheating ex, Missy is determined to keep men at arm’s length and let her hair down after completing a lucrative business deal. The old saying—What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! All she has to do is find the right guy to trust with her body.

Introducing herself as Oliviér, Missy meets the sexy Tanner Steel. She can only hope he’ll live up to her expectations and fulfill all her fantasies for the night.

Adrian Steele, known as Tanner to his friends, despises his “New York’s most eligible billionaire playboy” title.

He goes to Vegas to celebrate his friend’s buck’s party and meets the beautiful Oliviér. Is she the one he can trust with his heart? Or will Oliviér be like all the other social climbing money-hungry females who grace his bed?

Thanks to his friends, Tanner’s secret lifestyle is revealed, causing Oliviér to turn her back on the one man she thought she could trust. The question is… can Tanner reach Oliviér in time, or will he be too late and lose her forever?

You can purchase an ebook of Insta Bride here:


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