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Control - Book Review

Title: Control

Author: GG Gleason

Genre: Contemporary romance with themes of dominance

Available online and as a paperback, this novella releases on March 25th 2021

The Blurb:

Meredith is done. Done being the responsible one, the grownup, what everyone else needs her to be. It's Meredith's turn to live the life she wants. She kicks her loser boyfriend to the curb, gets her own place, and turns to her friends to take her out for a night on the town. She's not looking for Mister Right; she's looking for Mister Right Now. She finds him and so much more when she meets Rob.

Rob is tall, dark, handsome, a god in the bedroom, and everything that her ex never was. Most importantly, he knows how to take control ... and leave Meredith begging for more.

But even gods have backstories.

Rob was only supposed to be a one night stand. Yet, the more Meredith finds out, the more she wants from him. And the more she never wants to let him go.

My Review:

Meredith is a party girl who's just broken up with her loser ex-boyfriend and looking to let her hair down in a big way. A steamy and intense one night stand with Rob though, soon turns into something far more meaningful.

Rob is everything that Meredith's former boyfriend wasn't and she craves his domineering and controlling bedroom persona.

Gleason leads the reader on Meredith's intimate and introspective journey to rediscovering herself. Indulging in her wilder side, this is Meredith's fresh start at life and love, and she's not wasting a minute of it.

I really enjoyed this novella, it was everything I hoped it would be, namely hot, impulsive and sexy. With strong hints of romantic suspense, this novella successfully veers onto the fringes of dominants and submissives, without the stereotypical and cliched role playing.

A great little book to lose yourself in.

If you wish to purchase Control (which is available now for pre-order):

About the Author:

G.G. Gleason lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is married to her wonderful husband. She writes contemporary romance novels, and hopes that others will enjoy reading them.

I received a gifted copy of this novella in return for an honest review.


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