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Dirty: Rockstar Romance Series

Recommended Romantic Reads

Author: Jaine Diamond

Series: Dirty

My passion for writing romance has without question been inspired by my love of reading great stories. I start my blog with a review of some books by one of my absolute favourite authors, Jaine Diamond. I’m thrilled to spread the word about her books, because quite frankly, they deserve it.

I first read her Deep series (consisting of two books) which were enthralling reads and certainly high up on the spicy scale (or more like off the scale!). From start to finish, each book gripped me from page one, but although I highly recommend them, they are not the books I wish to write about here.

My absolute favourite books of Jaine’s are her bestselling Dirty series. At first I was a little unsure of reading them as the series title put me off, but I tell you now, don’t let it or you’ll be missing out! Dirty is in fact the name of a rock band and all of the books in the series are a must read for any romance enthusiast that is looking for compelling characters, saucy chemistry and a heart-warming HEA.

Of the series of books, I can’t review them all, so I’ll pick my top two, starting with my favourite. It is the first book in the series, Dirty Like Me. The lead characters of Jesse Mayes and Katie Bloom are believable, endearing and Jaine’s style of writing makes you feel like your friends with them (or you’d want to be) from the very start. The book had me laughing, wincing and swooning in all the right places and I read it three times in the first week. To hell with the housework! I couldn’t put it down. It was a fabulous opener to the series as the desire to read more about these two lovable characters in later books in the series was a real hook.

My second favourite book in the series was Dirty Like Dylan which is number four in the sequence. I’d never read anything quite like it before and the refreshing, eye opening (and jaw dropping!) relationship between the principle three characters (yes I did say three) was moving and unexpectedly tender. The chemistry between Amber Malone, Dylan Cope and Ashley Player was sizzling hot and emotionally engaging. Although from the start, it’s clear how the novel would end, the journey to get there was fabulously entertaining.

Ashley Player becomes the key character in the eagerly anticipated new series of Jaine’s. The first novel is called Hot Mess and is being released in summer 2019. I absolutely can’t wait.


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