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Enemy Zone - Book Review

Today on 'Recommended Romantic Reads' I am thrilled to bring you a review on the tour for Enemy Zone.

Title: Enemy Zone

Series: Trident Rescue #1

Author: Alex Lidell Amazon top-hundred author

Genre: Romantic Suspense with an enemies to lovers theme Enemy Zone is the first book of the Trident Rescue Series, which follows a group of Navy SEALs who return home to Denton Valley, Colorado, and start a search and rescue team called Trident Rescue. The books can be read in any order.

The blurb:

I know all about guys like Cullen Hunt.

Gorgeous. Wealthy. Powerful.

I just fled New York to escape one.

But when I reach Colorado, it’s either take a job at Cullen’s Trident Rescue or become homeless.

And Cullen? He’s worse than I thought.

Controlling. Demanding. Jerk.

A grenade always teetering on the edge.

He’s also hot as sin and makes my toes curl.

I hate that I dream about him.

Kissing me, holding me.

He has dreams as well.

Nightmares that only I can tame.

I know all about guys like Cullen Hunt.

I’m smart enough to stay away.

Aren’t I?

My Review:

This is a romantic suspense which is full of emotion and characters you can empathise with. The plot is well written and keeps the reader gripped. I really like dark romance, so the anxiety the heroine often feels near her hero made the story enjoyable for me, but because the root of her fears are not due to him and there are no dark themes in the book, this will also appeal to fans of both light and dark romance.

So, what's the book about?

After leaving the city to escape her past, Skylar Reynolds moves to Colorado to reignite her failing career in journalism. Instead she finds an alpha in Cullen Hunt who's determined to make that difficult, but for what reason?

Cullen is everything an alpha is anticipated to be; sexy, fit, strong, dominant, protective, super-wealthy, former SEAL, CEO and owner of multiple hospitals and also a search and rescue paramedic in his spare time... someone pass this girl a brandy! You could certainly start to think it's all a bit much, that he's too perfect, but you'd be wrong. The author crafts Cullen's flaws into an integral part of the plot, he's suffering from PTSD from his time serving in the forces, so instead of rolling their eyes at his very long list of attributes, the reader is instead rooting for him, empathising with his struggles and understanding his reactions.

The heroine, Sklyar, came across as a very strong willed and independent character at first, but as the story progressed I have to say those characteristics softened. She became much more tolerant of situations and decisions made on her behalf from the middle of the story onwards, than I would have thought she would have at the start of the book.

All in all, I'd really recommend this book, I really enjoyed it and I would give it a great four out of five stars.

Thank you to Magic Pen Book Tours for letting me participate in this tour.


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