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Excerpt Exclusive - Gunvor Johanson

I'm so thrilled to bring you a spine tingling supernatural drama by Gunvor Johanson. Well, that's certainly how I feel anyway by just reading the short extract below!

About the book:

Title: The House by the Lake

Genre: A supernatural drama with a two tier timeline where loyalty, love, desire, revenge and greed are the main ingredients in this tale.

Oooh, excited yet? I am. Keep reading, here's the blurb.

Drawn by the mysterious pull of a house depicted in a painting, Ellen, a young business woman, is compelled to visit the Lake District to see it. Once there a transformation takes place and she becomes Lenora, a woman living at the turn of the twentieth century. Fascinated and intrigued, Ellen begins to lead a double life; as Lenora in 1902 and as herself in Bristol in 2005.

When she returns to her life in Bristol, she retains the memory of what has taken place at Lakeside House. She becomes obsessed with Lenora and wants to spend as much time as possible at Lakeside House. She is sure that she has been sent to help, but she cannot work out how.

Ellen has no choice but to see this through to the end: to find out what has brought her to this house and why this is happening to her. This is not what she believes it to be; the reason is far more sinister...

To find out more:

If you can't wait until the release date of 01.05.2020, here's an excerpt:

"She hesitated only slightly before leaping into his outstretched arms.

He stumbled with the weight of her body and fell backwards onto

the snow-covered ground with her on top of him. His eyes flew open and his grip around her back tightened,

the next moment she tasted the snowflakes on his wet lips."

I don't know about you, but that gave me goosebumps!

More about the author:

Gunvor Johanson was born and raised in Sweden with the midnight sun and northern lights. She came to England in her late teens to study English, intending to stay for only a year. Still here many years later, she now lives on the south coast, near Chichester. She enjoys writing and has self published five children's books. The House by the Lake is her first adult novel, and it certainly looks like a great read.

Once again, here's the link:

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