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Holding Out For A Hero - Book Review

Recommended Romantic Reads

Author: T. E. Kessler

Genre: Science-Fiction Romance

Series: Jelvia: Not Human Book 1

Available for purchase from Amazon

If you like sci-fi romance with strong alpha heroes, this novel might appeal.

It’s set in modern day United Kingdom, but with a difference; there’s a new breed of super-humans who are faster, stronger and spit toxic bullets which kill humans. The story line was imaginative and unique, with more twists and plot depth than you might have expected at the beginning. That said, there were several occasions when the plot consistency and female characters jarred.

The physical allure and agility of the male MC as a ‘Jelvian’ was well described, as was his personality, however the heroine was too accepting of the murder of fellow humans simply because they were ‘bad men’ and she was too forgiving of serious offences against her by her best-friend and also boyfriend.

The best part of the novel for me was towards the beginning in a scene in a cave, where the heroine was surrounded in darkness and vulnerable and the hero comes to her rescue, pretending to be someone else. It had suspense and intrigue and made the character of Narcifer likable, it had me smiling at the well built-up scene prior to the encounter. Although within minutes, they are making love and for me this was simply too soon without some kind of ‘enhanced pheromonal magnetism’ of the Jelvian race to explain why Macy might act that way. She fell in love on first sight and it was too quick to be believable in my opinion, even for a sci-fi romance.

In general though, the story was exactly what I presume the author was intending it to be. A light-hearted entertaining story with a large dose of heat, although I would say there is an element of dark romance towards the end of the novel which some readers might find distressing.

The book had me engaged enough that I would want to read the next one in the series and I would recommend it to friends who enjoy reading about dominant alphas in their romance novels.


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