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Hot Jocks Series

Recommended Romanic Reads

Author: Kendall Ryan

Series: Hot Jocks

Book 1. Playing For Keeps. Book 2. All The Way

The Hot Jocks series was new to me, in that I hadn't read an Ice Hockey romance before. But, I thought 'hey, what's not to love about those outfits' and thought I'd give it a go.

I'd read previous books by Ryan (see below) and hadn't been disappointed and these two were up to her usual page turning standards with lovable alphas you really fall for and heroines you want to go for drinks with.

Playing For Keeps.

Justin is Elise's older brother's best friend, room mate and team mate. He has a reputation as a ladies' man and Elise is a little on the innocent side but sassy and doesn't want to get hurt, so when they

drunkenly make out and he 'punches her V-Card' (as Ryan words it), they pretend nothing really happened. Falling in love would mean the stakes are high for both of them.

It's a well used trope, but it's an old favourite because it works. We all love a protective alpha and 'the boy you've had a crush on forever turning out to adore you' scenario, so if you're a fan of that, this one is for you.

I'd give it easily four out of five stars and would definitely read it again.

All The Way

Owen (Elise's older brother from book 1) and Becca (Elise's good friend) have been friends for many years and always close, but Becca has a troubled past and fears intimacy. It's something that Becca has struggled with for a long time, so who better to help her work out her issues than Owen, her long time (and extremely attractive) best friend?

I think of the first two novels, I enjoyed this one the most and Owen is a lovable character who takes things slow with Becca, which of course builds up the romance nicely and shows that for true love, people can change. I'd give it four and a half starts out of five.

The books are standalone novels in themselves but it makes sense to read them in order if you can. I think Ryan's character's always have genuine chemistry. There are two more books in the series.

Other books of Ryan's which I've read (and loved), or am currently reading (and can't put down) are:

Filthy Beautiful Lies: The complete series

Forbidden Desires: The complete series

Sinful Serenade: The complete series

Escorts Inc.: Boyfriend For Hire and The Hookup Handbook

I'd definitely recommend checking out Kendall Ryan's website for further details. She's definitely on my 'favourites list' and maybe she'll make it on yours too.


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