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Hunting Hidden Shadows - Excerpt

Title: Hunting Hidden Shadows

Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance

Author: Elisabeth Huerta

Below is an excerpt from the novel Hunting Hidden Shadows, and oh my Goodness, I'm really tempted to read the full book after this extract! Looks fabulous!


It was boring dealing with humans, I no longer enjoyed their fear. Daemons were no better company, you could never have any allies with them, any of them could easily kill you, especially if they wanted anything you were carrying. The heart I carried was a warning sign, but also a challenge, many would come try to take it away. I needed to kill more, the heat of battle was the only thing that made this life worth living, feeling your enemy die because of you was the ultimate high. I had not met anyone who could outsmart me.
I walked into the human village aware of how the people ran into their houses, they knew that as long as they did not bother us, we would not harm them, most of the time.
A mother and daughter fed their chickens as I walked by their house, they visibly balked. The daughter looked as though she might be appealing, I could see that her skin looked soft, her long brown hair tied in a braid, her body slim. I took in her features secretly wondering what her skin would feel like. I shook those thoughts quickly, women were not something I could obtain. Human woman feared me, and daemon woman did not want a smaller daemon, not when they can pick from the big seemingly stronger daemons. Not that I really cared, women were not what I wanted.

About the Author:

Elisabeth Huerta lives in Long Beach, California with her husband, her dog, and two cats. Her love is for fantasy and romance. She loves to write about women who enjoy several dirty jokes. When not writing she is reading, preferably at ungodly hours when she should be sleeping.

With thanks to Love Books Tours for allowing me to participate in this blog tour.


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