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Married Mischief

Recommended Romantic Reads (Brand New)

Author: G.G. Gleason

Book: Married Mischief - Southern Sins Book Two.

I'm thrilled to support my friend GG Gleason in the launch of her new novel, Married Mischief. It looks like a sizzling hot and steamy read, so be sure to have your oven gloves at the ready. I reviewed Book One from the Southern Sins series back in February and I can't wait to get stuck into this book too, I just need to finish working on Faith in Him first. (Oooh for more hours in the day!)

Here's some info:

The blurb:

It’s been almost five years since their wedding, and Ben and Georgia have settled into married life in North Carolina. She’s changed jobs, he’s moved up in his. Everything is wonderful.

Except in the bedroom. The passion and exploration that had cemented their relationship seems to have gone missing. In a desperate attempt to spice things up, Georgia and Ben take a chance, and step outside the box of their carefully planned, monogamous marriage.

They decide to take a break from the real world, and find themselves smack dab in the middle of a swingers retreat.

Just how far are they both willing to go to get that spark back between them?

Author's note:

This book was a real trip to write. As I explain at the end of the novel, the whole idea of an open marriage and swinging was brought to my attention at a party I was hosting. It was late, the drinks were flowing, and we all started talking. A friend mentioned that they were into 'cuckolding' and 'swinging'. Now, I live in the south. Several jaws dropped to the floor. Several people were in shock. And then there was me, leaning in, asking a dozen questions. It just sounded so wild, and different, and like it would be awesome to write a book about this. So I did. I went on websites, talked to strangers, learned more things than I ever thought possible, and it was a blast! This book opened my eyes to an entire world, or lifestyle, that I had barely known existed. My husband and friends thought I was a bit nuts, but I was having way too much fun to listen to anything they had to say. I also loved the idea of taking two characters, Ben and Georgia, who were quiet, shy, and sweet, and taking them into a world where anything goes. I think it's important to see that characters, and people, can always change and surprise us. Writing this book was new, exciting, adventurous, scandalous, and I loved every minute of it. And I hope readers will also enjoy the wild rollercoaster ride into the unknown, leaving all their inhibitions at the door.

Sales link to Married Mischief (Southern Sins Book Two)

Sales link to New Love (Southern Sins Book One)

Twitter @gg_gleason

On sale from 05.06.2020.


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