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New Love

Recommended Romantic Reads (Pre-Release Exclusive)

Author: G.G. Gleason

Book: New Love - Southern Sins Book One.

I loved the chemistry of the characters in this book, the romance built as you would expect but the personalities of the characters shone because they were relatable, identifiable and realistic, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the story and eager to turn to the next page. It was everything I would have hoped, one of the most romantic and sweet novels I've read in a long time, but with enough passion to keep the reader invested but which wasn't overdone.

Most of the romances I read have strong Alphas who swagger around their worlds, charming or frustrating the heroines into a state of adoration, and whilst those books are fun and feisty, New Love was an unexpectedly delightful change from the norm. I don't usually read the genre of romance where the hero is quiet and reserved. Being cautious and sensitive isn't the strong personality type I like to read about in my literary heroes, mainly because I fear I might find them dull or repetitive and I rather like the heroes I read about to sweep the heroine off her feet and save the day. Gleason's novel is however a supremely well crafted story, focussing on just that type of hero I don't usually choose in the novels I read, but at no point do I find him dull or unappealing. It was a pleasant change to read about a hero who's sole intentions wasn't to get intimate with the heroine and for him to be the one often putting on the breaks. Although flawed and struggling with issues of his own, it never made the character appear weak and I loved the fact that he had an awful dress sense, it brought him to life.

Although imaginative and gripping, despite the sensuality of the front cover at first the novel appeared to be a ‘clean’ romance, but the heat level went up towards the end of the book as the relationship developed, some light role playing is also referred to.

The beginning of the novel particularly triggers strong empathy for the heroine, involving scenes of mild assault that allows Gleason to artfully portray the character's emotions afterwards.

I asked Gleason what she liked most about writing this book and she wrote:

"I really enjoyed writing this book, because I started writing it shortly after I moved to Charlotte, NC myself. As I explored my new city and met new people, so did "Georgia", and it was so much fun to share those experiences with my characters, and hopefully with my readers as well.

I hope that readers will enjoy the journey my characters go on, not just in a new city, but the journey of growing in love, and growing into the whole person that we can all become. It's never too late to pack up your bags and start over, and make the life you want and deserve. And it's also never too late to find that special love and build something wonderful and new."

(G.G. Gleason, author of New Love, Southern Sins Book One, 01.02.2020).

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On sale from 07.02.2020.


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