Resisting Her

Recommended Romanic Reads

Author: Kendall Ryan

Book: Resisting Her

I read Resisting Her yesterday and enjoyed it so much, not only did I read the whole thing in a day, but I wanted to share a short review with you.

We all love a protective hero, but finding a vulnerable young woman doesn't always mean she needs saving, as FBI agent Cole Fletcher finds out when sheltered Savannah enters his life and moves in with him. It's a novel that builds the anticipation really well and although it's full of sizzling chemistry, what I liked most is Cole's character which is well developed and oh so appealing! There are a few twists and it's definitely a page turner with a nice HEA to while away those dull autumn days (although perhaps more could have been made of the sub-plot of Dillon).

The scenario that Ryan uses where the couple are forced to cohabit and the heroine offers a certain level of vulnerability is not new, but to put it simply, this is because it works (particularly if you enjoy reading about strong alphas with big hearts and a protective streak). It's certainly a theme that Jamie McGuire carries out brilliantly in her Beautiful Disaster series (which I enjoyed immensely).

If this trope appeals to you also, not only would I recommend the aforementioned books, but I would also urge you to check out my upcoming novel Shockwaves in my books section. It's a very different setting and my heroine is strong willed and defensive, but the sparks are still set to fly and I can't wait to share more with you via my facebook group Romance Chit Chat prior to it going on sale in 2020.

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