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Suzie Empowered

Recommended Romantic Reads (Pre-Release Exclusive)

Author: Blake Allwood

Book: Suzie Empowered

This is a story of courage and confidence that explores the empowerment of a woman following an attempted sexual assault as much as it does a new love interest.

Built on trust and mutual respect, Suzie and Indi develop a relationship that allows Suzie to overcome her intimacy fears, and when faced with the perpetrator of her attack, also the strength of character to stand up for what is right. Women's rights and the values behind the #MeToo movement are artfully presented by Allwood, bringing to the forefront of the reader's mind values of respect and the right to say no, but still keeping them relevant to the story.

Suzie is a strong character, well crafted and unintimidated by bullies. She uses her public image in the novel as a role model, to speak up and inspire other women and victims of sexual assault to support each other. She openly supports a positive change in attitudes to how victims are dealt with and encourages authorities to always maintain an open mind and a level of sensitivity when dealing with victims.

The author had told me in advance, that like the title describes, the story is one of female empowerment. For that reason I admit, I feared that the male lead character might come across as effeminate or weak. I'm delighted to say that was not the case. Although Indie is a physically powerful man, Allwood presents his true strengths as compassion, devotion and the ability to support Suzie. A true partnership that is a joining of equals on a deeper level than just physical attraction, although there is a strong element of heat in the book which does not leave the reader wanting.

Allwood also presents an insight into the gay community that is supportive and fun as Suzie draws great strength and security from her friends. As a character not looking for a same-sex relationship, the reader experiences through her eyes a community that is extremely welcoming and accepting to everyone.

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