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Taking the Fall - Book Review

Book: Taking The Fall

Series: Vipers MC, Book 1

Author: Kally Ash

Genre: Romantic Suspense

The Blurb:

Sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit…

Nick Sobolev is finally a free man. After wrongfully serving five years behind bars, all Nick wants to do is keep his head down and his nose clean. But when he meets the mysterious and very beautiful Alexis Cross, he finds himself being drawn back into the life that landed him in prison in the first place.

Hiding dangerous secrets and lies…

Alexis Cross is trying hard to escape her father and his influence, but in a city like Detroit, there’s no way to avoid either. When her past violently collides with her present, it shatters her long-held belief that she’s finally gaining her independence, plunging her into a dangerous game with equally deadly consequences.

My Review:

I really loved this book. I have to say, I am going through a bit of a MC romance phase and this novel didn't disappoint. Alex and Nick have great chemistry, the suspense, passion and intrigue is well written and certainly enough to hold reader interest.

I thought the characters were well crafted, with enough spark to be likable and seem real, without their unique characteristics being overdone.

All in all, I think Kally was particularly good at providing an alpha male who was extremely sensitive to Alex's needs and caring, but absolutely held onto his masculinity without it becoming toxic. A fabulously engaging and attractive hero. One of my favorite characters was also Luci, the dog. What a love!

I loved the suspense aspect of the book, the danger and darker elements kept me intrigued. After such a build up to the main plot of the book, the fact Nick was hiding something important from Alex, though, I did feel could have been explored a little further.

This is a great book if you enjoy romantic suspense with a strong MC romance setting.

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