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Unflappable - Book Review

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Title: Unflappable

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Author: Suzie Gilbert / @SuzieGilbertBks

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Well I joined in the cover reveal for this book back in April and I loved the plot of the novel so much, I decided to participate in the book review.

I'll admit, romantic comedy is not my usual preference of romance novel, but the originality of this book was not to be missed. It tells the story of Luna Burke, a zookeeper who leaves her husband and goes on the run with a Golden Eagle. (See, there had to be an element of suspense there some where for it to appeal to me!).

Luna falls in love with a volunteer from the centre who just happens to be in the right place at the right time and helps her. A crazy journey ensues where they hide from police and the security staff of her extremely wealthy husband, darting from home to home of the rehabbers (a secret underground network of wildlife rehabilitators keen to help Luna).

All of the characters in the book are well crafted, with enough depth and personality to make them all intriguing. For me, that was the strongest point of the book, and there are certainly a lot of characters being constantly introduced on this wild goose chase.

Luna Burke as the heroine, is both likeable and courageous and clearly has a heart of gold when it comes to self sacrifice for the love of an Eagle. In line with the romantic comedy genre the book is written in, the husband she is running from is a remarkably nice character for the antagonist he is meant to be.

If you love romantic comedies with a touch of the bizarre, it's one to read!

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